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First Decentralized
Sex Platform
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is a Safe Online Sex Platform for adult adventures.
"See It Feel It" whatever you see happening on the screen you will feel on your body.
Users can even start earning money from within their own private bedroom!
Completely anonymous platform allows you to go as far as possible in your fantasies.

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Toy Assortment

The groundbreaking technology of the ExoLover platform allows you to experience the most realistic sensations that are as close to real sex as any experience available in the market today.

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You begin in the ExoLover platform by selecting the content you wish to view. Then, the Exo devices come to life and the waves of physical sensations begin.

Join Your porn site to ExoLover or live stream on the Platform and Earn Money from every connect. Direct Money transfer 100% guaranteed by Smart Contract "Proof of Connect".

Are you a sex trainer or sex therapist? Open an account and start your session here.


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Gifts for All !!! All registered users will receive free of charge the platinum status for the first month as a gift.

You will be able to see the most intimate details regarding your partner in the connection and free access to all wallet functions.

The first thousand registered users will receive 1,500.00 EXO * as a gift, the second thousand will receive 1,000.00 EXO *, the third thousand will receive 500.00 EXO *.

The ExoLover platform is built on blockchain technology. But what does this mean and how does this ensure the platform operates and provides all the amazing features it does?
Making remote sex feel like real physical contact. The content selected by users plays in sync, enabling participants to adjust to the frequency of the expected sensations.
ExoLover is an online sex platform which allows you to synchronize smartphone content (video, audio or screen action) with sex toys; you can also interact with other users online and transmit real sexual feelings.
One of the most rapidly growing industries in the modern world is the adult industry, causing this growth are sex toys and porn videos. And what will be the effect when combine these two most promising areas?
ExoLover is a Platform which enables the sexual satisfaction of many people around the world.
ExoLover is developing an advanced decentralized platform utilising blockchain technology
The MVP version contains three devices: one ExoWand, one ExoThrust, and Master Module
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