"See It Feel It"

ExoLover is a Safe Online Sex Platform which allows you to synchronize the content played on your smartphone (video, audio or any action on the screen) with sex toys. We call this technology “See It Feel It” whatever you see happening on the screen you will feel on your body; which allows you to interact with other users online and transmit realistic sexual sensations.

Anonymous Platform

Its completely anonymous platform allows you to go as far as possible in your fantasies; you are protected from any kind of unwilling sexual contact, violence and aggression, you can exit the connection at any time you want while still being safe in your bedroom.

Safe Sex

The ExoLover app is the window into the world of bright, satisfying and limitless safe sex.

Unlimited choice of rooms where other potential partners are eagerly waiting for sex. Open any door you see, or open them all!


Create your own Room with your own tastes and invite a partner you are already familiar with, or a stranger to connect with.

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With ExoLover you can knock on the bedroom door of your wildest sex fantasy with no rejection and total anonymity using the mobile app and the smartest electronic sex toys on the market.


Show your partner how horny you are

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At the end of the connection see how often you were in tune with you partner.

Adult Adventure Platform

This is the place where you can be anyone, in any form, and find a partner / partners for sex without boundaries, rules and restrictions. The world where you do not reveal who you really are. ExoLover the Adult Adventure Platform.

Watch Porn & Make Money

Users can also be rewarded with free tokens by watching certain pornographic content.


Users are randomly rewarded with up to 150% of the ExoLover tokens spent each time they connect to the Platform.

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Join Your porn site to ExoLover or live stream on the Platform and Earn Money from every connect. Direct Money transfer 100% guaranteed by Smart Contract "Proof of Connect".

Are you a sex trainer or sex therapist? Open an account and start your session here.


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