What is ExoLover?

ExoLover is a decentralized platform that serves the sexual needs of millions of people around the world.

What is EXO?

EXO token is the ExoLover Platform utility token which is fuelling all business activity on the ExoLover Platform. EXO is a BEP-20 token, which can be bought, sold or exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as received, sent, exchanged or gifted within the ExoLover Platform or Binance Smart Chain. The value of the EXO fluctuates and is not constant.

Token EXO 0x568d925774be9967F23d7e878A6692068de569E2

What is Lover?

Lover is an internal ExoLover Platform stable token which provides users with the ability to connect within the Platform and always is equal to 1 USD; it has a constant value.

Is there a connection between both tokens Lover and EXO?

Any token Lover on the Platform is backed up by EXO tokens at the current rate EXO/USD.

What is my Unique User ID?

During a registration, a BSC Address is randomly created in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, the address is used as the Unique User ID on the Platform.

How the created BSC Address is connected to the Platform?

The BSC Address created at registration is linked to My Wallet in the Platform and is used for EXO token transactions between the User and the Platform in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Can the created BSC Address be used outside of the ExoLover Platform?

Yes. Users can use this BSC Address in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem through Metamask, BSCscan, etc.

Who has the Private Key of the created BSC Address?

Only the user himself gets the private key of this BSC Address. The Platform does not receive or store the keys from the users’ cryptocurrency wallets.

What is the Proof of Connect? *

Proof of Connect is a smart contract operating in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem which distributes EXO tokens to service and product’s providers when users connect within the Platform. Each time Proof of Connect it triggered; it causes a user Reward algorithm to run in the Platform.

How Can Users Get a Reward?

Each time when Proof of Connect it triggered, a Reward algorithm randomly determines the winner among the users participating in this connection. The reward calculated in EXO tokens is sent to the winner’s My Wallet.

How much is a Reward?

The winner receives up to 150% of the amount which he spent on the connection. The reward is calculated in EXO tokens at the current rate EXO/USD.

What is My Wallet on the Platform?

My Wallet is the user’s personal account which has a unique ID and is used for transactions within and from the Platform.

What is in My Wallet?

There are the Balance of Lovers, the Balance of EXO tokens with three sub-accounts, Operation Buttons and Transaction History.

Positive or Negative Balance of Lovers?

Users can have a positive Balance of Lovers which starts from +1, +2, +3, etc or a negative Balance of Lovers which starts from 0, -1, -2, etc. Some services are not available if a user has the negative Balance of Lovers.

                                                                                             Negative Lovers Balance                            Positive Lovers Balance

Connections (Public Room)                                                                 +                                                                       +

Connections (Private Room)                                                                -                                                                        +

Sex Art                                                                                                       -                                                                        +

Get Lovers                                                                                                 +                                                                        +

Reward EXO                                                                                             +  to Credit                                                      +  to Deposit

Exchange EXO to Lovers                                                                        -                                                                           +

Transfer EXO to Block Chain                                                                  -                                                                            +

Transfer EXO from Block Chain to Deposit                                          +                                                                           +

Monthly negative Lovers Balance and Credit EXO Clearance*          +                                                                          -

* Monthly calculation is from a registration date. Monthly Stop Loss - 30 Lovers.

What is Credit in My Wallet?

Credit is a sub-account in My Wallet where EXO Reward is going if a user has a negative Balance of Lovers. Every month in the presence of the negative Balance of Lovers on a registration date the Credit sub-account is to be cleared. If user tops up the Balance of Lovers to positive in advance, all EXO tokens from Credit sub-account automatically move to their Deposit sub-account.

What is Deposit in My Wallet?

Deposit is a main sub-account in My Wallet which is safe to hold EXO tokens. All user’s Deposits form the single Platform Deposit. All operations for the exchange, withdrawal or transfer of EXO tokens are only from/to the Platform Deposit.

The Platform Deposit Address 0x69f79BaE88fd36B69655c10059a9F27b29fc26fc

What is Blockchain in My Wallet?

Blockchain is an informative sub-account which represents the availability of EXO tokens on the user’s BSC Address in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

How Do Users Get Lovers?

Users can top up a Balance of Lovers through the “Get Lovers” button in My Wallet which leads them to the authorized external sales website.

Also, users can exchange their EXO tokens to Lovers by using the “Exchange” button in My Wallet.

How to Withdraw EXO from the Platform?

Users can withdraw EXO tokens from Deposit to their BSC Address in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem by using the “Withdraw” button in My Wallet. Gas commission is withheld according to the current BNB rate in EXO equivalent.

How to Transfer EXO from the BSC Address to the Platform?

Users can transfer EXO tokens to Deposit by using the “Transfer” button in My Wallet. Only EXO that are transferred from the BSC Address linked to the user's account can be accepted by Deposit to the user’s My Wallet.

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