What is ExoLover?

ExoLover is a decentralized platform that serves the sexual needs of millions of people around the world.

What is EXO?

EXO is an ExoLover Platform utility token which allows users to buy products and services offered by businesses on the Platform. EXO is Ethereum ERC-20 token, which can be bought, sold or exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as received, exchanged or gifted within the Platform. The value of the EXO fluctuates and is not constant.

What is Lover?

Lover is an internal ExoLover Platform stable token which provides users with the ability to connect within the Platform and always is equal to 1 USD; it has a constant value.

User Levels


SILVER level is granted at registration.

User receives 3 Lovers each calendar month for Free*.

Access to Connection History: Only Last Connection.

Not possible to see the Rating and other personal data of any partner.


GOLD level is earned once 9 connections are made monthly.

User receives 5 Lovers each calendar month for Free*.

Access to Connection History: Last 5 Connections.

SILVER + Access to Event Subscriptions.

Visibility of Rating and Number of Acts in Other User Created Rooms.

Possibility to Exchange EXO to Lovers in My Wallet.


PLATINUM level is earned once 15 connections are made monthly.

User receives 7 Lovers each calendar month for Free*.

Access to Connection History: Last 10 Connections.

GOLD + Visibility of Preferred Sex Category and Number of Orgasms in Other User Created Rooms.

Possibility to Withdraw EXO tokens from Deposit to My Ethereum Address.


DIAMOND level is earned by users achieving results in 3 Events.

User receives 10 Lovers each calendar month for Free*.

Access to Connection History: Last 50 Connections.

PLATINUM + Access to ‘Invitation Only’ Special Event Subscriptions.

DIAMOND Level is retained for a 3-months period.

*Unused Free Lovers expire at the end of each month.

**Unused Purchased and Acquired Lovers do not expire.

Achievement levels are determined monthly, and increase / decrease based upon activity.

The monthly period is calculated from the date of registration.

What is Proof of Connect?

Proof of Connect is a smart contract operating in the Ethereum ecosystem which distributes EXO tokens to service and product’s providers when users connect within the Platform. Each time Proof of Connect it triggered, it causes a user reward algorithm to run in the Platform.

How Can Users Get a Reward?

Each time when Proof of Connect it triggered, a reward algorithm randomly determines the winner among users participating in this connection. The reward is sent to the winner’s My Wallet.

How much is a Reward?

The winner receives up to 150% of the amount which he spent on the connection in EXO equivalent.

What is my Unique User ID?

During registration, an Ethereum Address is randomly created in the Ethereum ecosystem, the address is used as the unique User ID on the Platform.

How is the Ethereum Address Used in the Platform?

The Ethereum Address created at registration is tied to My Wallet and is used for EXO token transactions between the User and the Platform in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Can I use My the Ethereum Address outside of the ExoLover Platform?

Yes, you can. Users can use this Ethereum Address in Ethereum ecosystem through Myetherwallet, Metamask, Etherscan and etc.

To maintain the anonymity of your account on the Platform, please do not use this address on exchanges, where are obligated to undertake a KYC vetting.

Who has the Private Key of this My Ethereum Address?

Only the user himself has the private key of this Ethereum Address. The Platform does not receive or store keys from users’ crypto currency wallets.

What is My Wallet?

My Wallet is the user’s personal account which has a unique ID and is used for transactions within the Platform.

What’s in My Wallet?

There are the balance of Lovers and EXO tokens in the user’s account, the current rate of exchange EXO/USD, Transaction History and operation buttons.

What Can I do within My Wallet?

“Get Lovers”,

“Exchange” EXO to Lovers,

“Withdraw” EXO from Deposit to My Ethereum Address or “Transfer” EXO to Deposit;

Review Transaction History, the rate of EXO/USD and the balance of tokens.

How Do I Get Lovers?

Users can get Lovers in three ways:

Firstly, the Platform users automatically get some Free Lovers every month.

Secondly, users can purchase Lovers through the “Get Lovers” button in My Wallet which leads them to an authorized external sales website.

Thirdly, users can exchange their EXO tokens to Lovers by using the “Exchange” button in My Wallet.

How to exchange EXO to Lovers?

Users with GOLD level and above can exchange their EXO tokens for Lovers by using the “Exchange” button in My Wallet.

When exchanging EXO to Lovers, I could not exchange all EXO tokens that I see in My Wallet.

EXO tokens can be in two places in My Wallet: in Deposit for transactions carried out on the Platform or in your Ethereum Address for transactions which took place in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Only EXO tokens on Deposit can be exchanged; therefore you will have to transfer any EXOs from your Ethereum Address to Deposit before they can be exchanged.

What is Deposit?

Deposit is the main operating account of the ExoLover Platform which is used for settlements within the Platform without the participation of the blockchain and for settlements outside the Platform with the participation of blockchain transactions in Ethereum ecosystem.

What is Deposit used for?

Deposit reduces transaction costs, contains a common pool of EXO tokens in circulation of the Platform and allows users to get, store, save or exchange their EXO tokens for services within the Platform and also withdraw EXO tokens to their Ethereum Address and then use EXO as a regular cryptocurrency that can be sold, exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Where are my EXO tokens?

The EXO tokens that the user sees in My Wallet can be in two different places. A part may be in Deposit, these are rewarded or gifted tokens and tokens that the user himself transferred to Deposit. Some of the tokens can be in the Ethereum Address, these are tokens that were received, bought by the user or withdrawn from Deposit to the Ethereum Address in Ethereum ecosystem.

How to Transfer EXO from my own crypto wallet to the platform?

Users can transfer EXO tokens to Deposit by using the “Transfer” button in My Wallet. Only EXO that are transferred from the Ethereum Address linked to the user's account can be accepted by Deposit to the user’s My Wallet.

How to Withdraw EXO from the Platform to my own crypto wallet?

Users can withdraw EXO tokens from Deposit to own Ethereum Address by using the “Withdraw”  button in My Wallet. Gas commission will be withheld according to the current Ether rate in EXO equivalent.

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