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Exolover Pty Ltd is an Australian company developing high tech adult novelty devices which allow users to interact remotely and share real intimate sensations in complete privacy.


Total Supply1 000 000 000



Decentralized Web Platform
Patented adult novelty devices
User anonymity
Blockchain powered innovation
Cutting-edge wearable sex tech
EXO Cryptocurrency Wallet
Smart contract enabled (Proof of Connect)
Leveraging token economy demand
Private Transactions


Becoming a market leader in the US$15 billion per year
and growing global sex tech industry

Integrating blockchain-powered innovation
with patented wearable devices

Leveraging token economy demand with the desires of millions
of people around the world

Providing a solution to privacy concerns relating to user anonymity
and transaction discretion online

Helping people feel sexual gratification remotely through
real sensual pleasure stimulators

EXO Token Distribution 1 000 000 000

Bounty Campaign 1%

User Reward Fund 3%

Project Team and Advisers 15%

Foundation 11%

Pre-Initial and Initial Token Distribution 70%



What is ExoLover?

ExoLover is a project that includes a decentralized platform and adult wearable sex toys that allow users to experience the full range of sexual sensations of sexual intercourse alone or with partners from across the globe.

Operation of the devices with the platform involves two types of connection:

– Internal – operation of the devices in the internal connection mode “device-platform”. It includes the adult novelty device, adult video and audio content synchronized with the device via platform for personal use and process management by the user or the specified program.

– External – simultaneous operation of the devices in external connection mode “device-platform-device” with remote partners connected to the platform. It includes the innovative devices synchronously connected via the platform and process management by one of the users. The number of partners and the choice of devices can vary depending on sexual preferences.

Essentially, ExoLover Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and licensing patented and proprietary intellectual property rights related to its ExoLover Suite of high-tech adult sex toys. The patented state of the art wearable technology realistically emulates perceptory, acoustic, somatic, visual and haptic stimuli allowing users to interact remotely over the decentralized blockchain ExoLover Platform.

What are tokens for?

EXO token is a utility platform token for use on the Exo decentralised adult entertainment platform and can be used to procure products and services offered on the platform.

– EXO tokens will be used to connect with other remote users.

– EXO tokens can be used to purchase the ExoLover range of high tech sex toys. In this case, the price will be discounted.

– When getting EXO tokens a unique EXO wallet number is generated by random selection, which will be a key for creating an anonymous profile on the platform.

– EXO tokens will be a base for the user reward “Proof of Connect”.

How does one acquire EXO Tokens?

There are a few ways to acquire (get) EXO tokens:

– Get tokens at the Pre-Initial Token Distribution Event
– Get tokens at the Initial Token Distribution Event
– Get tokens from the User Reward Fund via the «Proof of Connect» Mechanism
– Get tokens from the Foundation for the proposed, planned and approved improvements to the ExoLover Platform.

Below are written instructions on how to acquire the EXO Tokens, you can also click here for a video which also explains the process.

How do you acquire EXO Token in the Pre-Initial and Initial Token Distribution Event?

  1. Sign up at token.exolover.io You can do this using your email address or with your Facebook or Google accounts.
  2. After verification you can login.
  3. Click the button on the left side named “Get EXO”
  4. Then choose the asset that you want to exchange for the EXO Tokens. Input the number of EXO Tokens you wish to acquire or the amount of the crypto asset you wish to expend.
  5. Click on the Button “GET EXO”
    1. To GET EXO with ETHER
      1. In the appropriate field please indicate the address from which you will transfer your ether from. Please, remember it, and use only it for future transfers. Press the Save button.
      2. Then copy (Press Copy button) the address and transfer to it the amount of ETH. The exact EXO amount will be calculated at the time of transaction. It is very important, that the amount being registered must be greater than 0.1 ETH; if not the transfer will not be credited.
      3. Аfter the transaction is mined (with the time being dependent on the gas price chosen), you can view your transfer details and the EXO token amount, by choosing the History-My Transactions button on the left.
    2. To GET EXO with BTC
      1. Press the “Get BTC” address button to be issued with anew unique (!!) BTC address.
      2. Then copy (Press Copy button) this new unique address and transfer BTC to it. The exact EXO amount will be calculated at the time of the transaction. !!!! It is very important, that the amount must be greater than 0.01 BTC; if not the transfer will not be credited.
      3. Аfter the transaction is mined (with the time being dependent on the fee amount chosen), you can view your transfer details and the and EXO amount, by choosing the History-My Transactions button on the left.
  6. If you can’t verify the token balance more than 8 hours after the transfer, please contact us by email cab@exolover.io. Please, provide us withall transaction details and the email address that you used for registering.

Transfer Tokens to your ERC20 Compatible Wallet(s)

  1. The transfer of your EXO Tokens to your ERC20 compatible wallets will be completed after the Pre-Initial and Initial Token Distribution Event is finished (see website for TDE end date).
  2. If you do not have an ERC20 compatible wallet in your ExoLover cab, you must create one. Then select Claim EXO on the left side.
  3. Then enter a strong password (at least 8 characters) for your new Ethereum wallet. Please, remember it and/or write it down and keep it in a safe place. Please be aware we do not keep your password details, and we cannot change it or reset it.
  4. After you press the button your new Ethereum wallet key pair will be generated and you will see Ethereum address appear in your wallet.
  5. By pushing the EXPORT PRIVATE KEY button you can export the private key and use it in your Ethereum wallet software (e.g.MetaMask, MyEtherwallet).
  6. Good luck!!!

Useful links:
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How to see Tokens in MetaMaskWallet - youtube.com
How to buy BTC – fortune.com
Video guide for EXO token purchases - youtube.com

How did ExoLover come about?

The idea of the ExoLover devices was inspired by the structure of the exoskeleton; therefore our exoskeleton inspired haptic devices cover parts of the human anatomy to induce a fully sensual and satisfying sexual experience in a private, secure, convenient way.

Why decentralisation?

ExoLover’s decentralized platform will simplify the platform registration process in accordance with the principle of anonymity and connect users in complete privacy to mutually enjoy sexual experiences using ExoLover adult novelty devices equipped with high-tech to enable fully qualitative sexual stimulations which remotely induce shared pleasure sensations.


Victor UbugunovFounder & CEO
Joshua Scott BirdCOO
Liliya BayazitovaCFO
Maxim SizykhCTO
Christine BrownDirector of Business Development
Tao KeSex Toy Manufacturing Entrepreneur
Grady YuAdult Novelty Product Manufacturer
Beiquan ZhuSex Toy Electronics Specialist


James ElderBusiness Advisor & ICO Consultant
Josh HuntPartner - Hopgood Ganim Lawyers
Patrick RobertsCryptocurrency & Blockchain Advisor
Jenna OwsianikSex Tech Consultant
Michelle FlynnAdvisor for AV & Virtual Reality Content
Sangho GrollemanStrategic Marketing Advisor



Implementation of the MVP version

The MVP version contains three devices: one ExoWand, one ExoThrust, and Master Module

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